Sunday, June 15, 2008

Union Street

It's father's day today and I thought it fit to mention how unique and enjoyable it is to pursue the same career that my two dads have pursued their entire lives. When so many fishermen and farmer's sons are quitting the fishing grounds and the fields for life in the city or a job in computer programming I'm finding the same experiences and feelings of accomplishment in my career that they were experiencing twenty six father's days ago in their own. Some of those experiences have been harrowing, some dulling, some tiring, but the memorable ones are always those that awe. I remember hearing the sea stories when I was small and unaware how large the planet is but today as I see more and more of the worlds vast oceans it puts their lives in perspective and teaches me more about why I wound up the way I did. So here's to the guys that encouraged me every step of the way and ensured I had the opportunities needed to reach my goals and get a few sea stories of my own in the process. From a rooftop in Charleston, this buds for you.

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