Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back to Work

If you have been following along you are now aware that I've spent a lot
of time on ships that rival my years in existence and that the
experience has been mostly a positive one save for the increase in
stress and work load.

With that in mind I'm very happy today, and its not just because I'm
back at work making a wage. It's really that my new home away from home
is just about the sexiest ship I've ever laid eyes on. She is a massive
199 meter, green hulled brute with thirteen decks of cargo carrying
capacity, two easily opeated ramps (side/stern), stern launching free
fall lifeboat, fast rescue boat, pool, sauna, modern non leaking gym,
and interior decorating all thanks due to the swedes. The ammenities on
board are completely unprecedented in my experience. The captains run a
tight ship so the deck is free of cigarette butts, the carpets of
stains, and the walls of grime and dirt. There is very little rust on
the weather decks and the machinery is functioning as if it has acutally
been maintained for the last fourteen years! The bridge is fully
enclosed with bridge wing maneuvering stations, integrated bridge system
(The ship drives itself!), and automatic espresso maker. The navigation
systems are all funtioning as they should and the bridge layout is
actuall designed to be conducive to navigating and conning your watch.
All things that were completely lacking from my last place of


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