Friday, October 2, 2009

Plane Ride

A certain level of Zen is necessary to endure a transpacific flight to
meet a ship on the other side of the world. My itenerary calls for one
eighteen hour flight, Chicago to Tokyo, followed by another seven
hours aloft to arrive in Singapore the day after tomorrow.

The last three years meeting my former vessel in such not so far flung
places as Beaumont, Baltimore and Charleston have spoiled me when it
comes to the commute. Compared to most jetters of today I probably
don't spend all that much time flying but I bet they usually have a
hotel waiting at the other end of the jetway wheras I will have a

I'm sincerely relieved to be on my way though. The last two weeks of
waiting for a plane ticket have been strenuous. I finnally found a
receptive company that could give me a full hitch at sea and a shot at
a new permanent home which, if the fit is right, I'll take. It just
required being put on 24 hour notice to fly out three times and then
having to stand down due to a scheduling error, a typhoon delay, and a
persnickety Captain not interested in hiring a green mate. 24 hours
ago I was under the impression that the job wouldn't happen for
another two weeks and now I'm fighting the jetstream in cattle class.

The last month has been a real challenge to endure for many of
reasons. I'm very thankful for the great support I have received from
family and friends, especially from my left coast cousin. Crashing at
my place for several weeks he not only put up win my incessant whining
and doubtful doldrums but also instructed me in the arts of surfing
and golfing and provided the best lecture in guitar theory I've ever

The next several months should be interesting. The work will be
different from anything I've been exposed to before. Hopefully I'll be
able to keep you informed on what I'll be involved in. But first I've
got to get there.

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  1. Good luck and keep posting your experiences. The process of thinking about what you did will help you move forward with what you will do. (and it is good for us to read some new sea stories too)

    Paul (