Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday Night

One of the undeniable luxuries of having long amounts of consolidated time off from work is being able to stay up as late as you want on a Sunday night without any consequences at the office Monday morning. This sort of flexible partying power came in handy last night staying up late in town to see Ozomatli! This band provided a rare opportunity to dance salsa, meringue, and hip hop in a small New England town until midnight. From my birth place of Los Angeles, California they bring a huge sound with no less than eight members on stage complete with horns, keyboard, three percussionists, a footloose bassist and some choreographed stage moves wherever they go. The vibe is all positive and amped up with marching band style energy. The show ended with an acoustic conga line tour of the theater and impromptu percussion battle jam in the lobby complete with startled looks from the concessionary when the ring leader jumped onto the bar for one last round of the hokey pokey. These guys could start a party at a young republican convention. It was awesome! Unfortunately for my girlfriend, she does have a day job and is probably fighting off a headache at the desk this very moment. Viva Ozo!

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