Saturday, May 10, 2008

About Me

I guess to get going I should provide some back ground information and make it sound as interesting as I possibly can. I reside in a small town in South Eastern New Hampshire, USA. It is nestled in a shallow valley surrounded by trees and horse farms. The buildings are almost all brick, having been built two hundred years ago as mills and the homes for the people who worked there producing textiles. The old company bank is still on main street, now a veterinarians practice, and the former textile mills are now studios for over 80 artists and business space for light manufacturing.
I've only been here for the last year but have endeavored to make it my home as I've been without one for long enough. Home though is a part time place for me. I make my living working on commercial ships plying the global trade routes as an officer. I stand a navigational watch at sea guiding and monitoring the vessel from port to port and stand a cargo watch once the ship is moored to the dock. Lately I've worked solely on Roll On / Roll Off vessels all belonging to the same fleet. I'll get more specific about these kinds of ships in the future.
How did I end up doing this for a living? Four years and thousands of dollars in loans provided me enough paper and identification cards to climb the gangway of any floating object in the world with an engine and sign my name off in the log as being liable for it's fortune roughly one third of the working day. Something I do happily six months of the year. A maritime career was a natural choice for me being the son of a sailor and always having had a keen interest in boating on the lakes and coast of Maine.
As for the other six months of the year, I'm still working on that part of the equation. Besides taking the mornings slowly, checking the email and drinking ridiculously good coffee I often find myself traveling near and far. Either by car around New England, visiting friends, or by plane to places more distant. I ride a road bike in the summer months and when the weather is colder I ride a snowboard in the White Mountains. I just purchased a newer sleeping bag, warmer than my last so I have high hopes of spending some quality time in the great outdoors this upcoming summer.
Well I think that will be enough for starters. It's a lovely May day here in NH and I'm off to see a friend just home from sea.

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