Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Germany

I watched the sun rise this morning over a city silently sleeping below the clear winter sky. At nine oclock the church bells began ringing loudly so even on the deck of my ship they could be heard. A brass ensemble from the seaman's mission came onboard to play Christmas tunes for a half an hour later in the morning and the steward put out Christmas dinner early which most of the crew slept through after last nights celebrations. Besides a Finnish ferry we are the only vessel left in the Ro/Ro basin and all the unlicensed have been given the day off from day work and watches. Tonight there is a Christmas Ball that a few of us will be attending and then at 0800 we'll sail for Antwerp to restart our load back and head for home. I can't wait to put the setting sun squarely over the port quarter. Merry Christmas.

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