Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Jolly Roving Tar

Recently I added a link to the Jolly Roving Tar on the side bar of this blog. At every coffee break for the last few day's I have been catching up on this masterful journal of a young woman's experience crewing on the Spirit of South Carolina for the past four months.

Perhaps it's because Brittany was once a student on board a schooner I had crewed on or maybe because her personality traits as evidenced in "A Mariner's Tale" are way, way similar to my own (Read them if you know me!) but I have really enjoyed this blog. Then again maybe she's just an exeptionally good writer and reading about the ups and downs of sail training makes me so grateful for having experienced them all first hand.

If working under sail or sticking a child of your own on the decks of a sailing ship sounds like a good idea than definitely check this site out. The only drawback is that Britanny's hitch is over and days of blogging under sail may be as well. Not to worry though, she has other things in store and will keep on inspiring me the way I had hoped to inspire her entire watch as we made our way from Maine to Nova Scotia what now seems like a very long time ago.


  1. How very nice! And yes... thanks for all your inspiration along the way! Happy New Year!

  2. it is a nice blog.

    It has always been my regret that inspite of about 15 years at sea, I still haven't sailed in a boat yet. I hope some day in India, sailing filters down from the rich chaps.