Monday, July 14, 2008

Manhattan Skyline

Here's a view of Manhattan from the docks in Bayonne New Jersey. I have some fond memories of riding a ship's bike through some ugly neighborhoods as a cadet in these parts. We came up Ambrose Channel this morning in some unsettled weather. Huge heavy clouds rolled over us from the west as we approached the Verazano narrows and unleashed a lovely fresh water wash down, always good for the paint. Below is a picture of the 9-11 memorial donated by Russia. Apparently the city of New York didn't want the "Snatch"(As the local mariners refer to it, don't ask me why) erected in their town so it was accepted by New Jersey. Interestingly, the mural on the warehouse behind the split obelisk with entrained silver tear drop features the selfless portraits of the two leaders in the "Struggle against world terrorism" painted with a noticeable restraint of ego. Right.
Well, besides the state sponsored patriotism on a dock in Bayonne New Jersey the New York skyline is magnificent. I was fortunate enough to have seen it in July of 2001 as a midshipmen on my first training cruise. The view from the water is unmatchable, it is a fun place to come into, snatches and all. I've been getting wireless at the dock this afternoon so I'm a happy guy getting my internet injection.

I've got to include a shout out to our heavenly creator for keeping one of my kin on the earth for a little while longer, we had a close call at home which I only became privy to on arrival in the states. A true downside of working in remote places. And I'll give one more shout out to a special person who has recently become privy to her own little miracle! Hope you feel better soon, I hear the first few weeks have been a bitch. All my love, congratulations!!

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  1. Why? Why do they call it a snatch? Is it because it looks like a snatch block?